El Alto | Socially Responsible Mountain Clothing

El Alto | Socially Responsible Outdoor Clothing

We have to be realistic. We can be as ethically sound as we like but if the products are no good, who would buy them? This is why we put every effort into ensuring the quality of performance and style of our gear meets the highest standards.


Our fleece and windproof fabrics are not the name brands you find in top price mountain clothing, it is for this reason that we can pay a fair wage AND sell for a reasonable price. It is however good quality material which has been thoroughly tested in the heart of the Andes mountains - it can't get much better than that!


It's all well and good to offer a product which has an ethical source but if no one wants to buy it, there's no point. Our products are designed by a combination of British designers and Bolivian trekking and mountaineering guides, helping to ensure that they are both practical and stylish.